4 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

4 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

Halloween is the most fun and entertaining holiday of the year. If you love dressing up in amazing costumes and partying with friends and family or going trick-or-treating to see how much candy you can score, this holiday’s for you. However, one thing that can take the fun out of Halloween is going over the budget when buying those fabulous costumes, decorations and assortment of candy.

To help keep you from having buyer’s regret when the holiday is over, here are four ways to save money on Halloween:

1. Search for coupons, sales and special discounts. All retailers want you to shop with them so they offer special deals to get your attention. Check out your local newspaper or visit your favorite retailer online to look for sales and discounts to save money on the items you need. If you start early and compare prices, you can find some pretty good deals online and off for all of your Halloween needs.

2. Make your own costumes and decorations. You don’t have to be a great seamstress to put together a costume for Halloween. You just have to use your imagination and get creative. Start putting things together early so you can experiment until you find the look you’re happy with.

3. Shop the day of or the day after Halloween for decorations and costumes. Most stores run a sale on these items on Halloween day or the day after, which means that you can find some great deals. You can always store the costumes and decorations until next year. This way, all you’ll need to buy is the candy and refreshments if you’re hosting a party.

4. Pay attention to prices when shopping for candy and other food items. Don’t just grab the first bags you see. That jumbo bag of assorted candies may seem like the best deal but when you compare unit prices, you may discover that you get more for less when you buy smaller, individual bags of candy.

You can have a wonderful Halloween with costumes, candy and amazing decorations when you shop smart and get a little creative.

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